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Drawing by Takineko V

Percy and Natasha from the Racist Vampires Warfare series. Drawing by Julian, from!

Michael Cantu
portrays the epic struggle between evil and more evil. Read his many Blockhead fan comics here!

Blockhead replaces Gooseman as the organ merchant

Scott Hollingsworth sketched Blockhead

Blockhead Warhol by Mason

A Desktop Background by Daniel Searle

stabbymcstab"s Scarface Rendition

has gone undercover as Chadwick Lancaster

A retake on the traditional Blockhead logo warfare.

Blockhead Theme on electric guitar. By Rodrigo, from!

The Scientist"s Robot. Drawing by Michael Castro Warfare, the voice of "The Cop" from Time Squad!

A Desktop Background by Cameron Hamer

Brandon C
. gives Blockhead a retro look.

Blockhead, Sonic style! By
Lightning Luigi

Time Squad remix (paracatized). Song by Paracat

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