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Flying to California
Posted by Swain on 27 Jul 2007
I saved the backgrounds for last, so I didn't really have a "complete" scene out of Blockhead 10 for you guys before the today-deadline, but you were ready for that, weren't you? It's just one big disappointment after another here at, haha.

But it's not like I'm flying to Holland for two weeks this time. I'm only gone two nights, and then I return to finish the episode, WHICH, I might add, is nearly done.

Wish me luck, and check out the Newgrounds Comic-Con Webcam on Saturday and Sunday to see me at the Newgrounds booth. SEE YOU GUYS SOON.
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Working on Blockhead
Posted by Swain on 20 Jul 2007

Episode is coming along! I think it's funnier than the last one, but I'll leave that up to you guys. I'm trying to animate it in a different order than I'm used to, so I'm not totally sure how much work I've got left.

My goal is to have this thing done before Comic Con, which I fly to on the 27th. Anyone who plans to be there, you can find me near or around the Newgrounds booth on Saturday and Sunday, the 28th and 29th.

If Blockhead 10 isn't done before I leave for Comic Con, I will leave you guys with a sample scene clip from the episode :)
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Script Writing
Posted by Swain on 05 Jul 2007
UPDATE: I have another audio update for you.

I didn't want to announce it, but let's just say that I've mostly finished the script for Blockhead: Episode 10. I really like it, because it combines the new-school action of the later Blockhead episodes (as well as the the game) with the old-school personalities of Blockhead, his Conscience, and the relationship between them. Also, it's really silly. Hope that's bonus points.

A few old characters will make an appearance, too! I really want this episode to feel like an older episode created in my current style.

On a side note, there may be yet another Webcomic addition to You'll have to wait and see what it is, but it's from Rob Burr, a pal of mine in Miami (some of you may have watched his YouTube video, IPhone Smash, where he and a friend try to find company stamps on the hardware inside of an IPhone). So, stay tuned!
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Fanstuff Update
Posted by Swain on 24 Jun 2007
Now that I've got this new layout to work with, updates seem to be more frequent and talking about them is much easier.

Anyway, go check out the Fanstuff section. The new layout allows me to update it much more easily than before, so if you've got something Blockhead or Time Squad related, send it on over to I promise I'll be much quicker about updating the section with decent submissions.

I also started up a DeviantArt account for my sketch and practice work. God forbid I should upload real artwork, though; from what I hear, they can use everything you upload for anything they want and never pay you a dime for it. Right now there isn't much up that you haven't already seen, except for maybe the full image that my avatar came from, which you can also view here.
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