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Blockhead Soundboard?
Posted by Swain on 28 Jan 2010
Hey guys, so I'm juggling a new concept for interactive Blockhead stuff. I want to put together a soundboard, but not necessarily from older episode dialog. I'm thinking, a set of new, original, high quality voices I can make from scratch, oriented around Blockhead. I want all sort of staple voices, all the YES and NO and HELLO and I'M BLOCKHEAD voices, a variety of weird things for him to say, but also STORYLINES.

Yeah, know how the Arnold soundboards have him telling people he's GOING TO ASK YOU A BUNCH OF QUESTIONS, AND I WANT TO HAVE THEM ANSWERED IMMEDIATELY, followed by a line of very strange movie-quote topic? Or the Miss Cleo soundboards have her trying to predict someone's fortune?

I want that, but for Blockhead. Storylines I can create one-sided dialog for, so people can potentially use the soundboard for what they're meant for: prank calls.

And then like...hold a contest for the best calls, and I would animate Blockhead making those calls himself. Not bad, right?

There was an old episode-oriented soundboard by Wizardman you guys can check out in the meantime, for ideas.

So email me your storyline ideas!
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Ching Chong Beautiful
Posted by Swain on 10 Jan 2010
Go play Ching Chong Beautiful on Newgrounds!

I haven't started hosting the game yet because of a few game features that I don't know will work, but I'll be on it when things look a little freed up on my end.

SO, where have I been, you might ask? Oh, I've been around. In fact, I'm currently cleaning up the script for Mastermind 5, which I hope to start and complete within the next two weeks or so, then there's the MUCH ANTICIPATED (I hope!) sequel to Mastermind: World Conqueror.

And how could we forget Blockhead? I know I have. But that doesn't mean I don't intend to bring him back! If I get a good response to the idea, there might be another episode sometime in the near future.

But I don't want to start anything until I've gotten some feedback! Anyone feel like emailing me with POSITIVE REINFORCED BLACK OPS ENCOURAGEMENT? I want to get back to work ASAP now that I've finished one of the longest projects of my life.
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Moving to Philadelphia!
Posted by Swain on 15 Oct 2009
So after months of commission work and games outside of my own content, I'm finally moving out of Miami, Florida to delicious Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where I aim to turn over a new leaf (or retrieve an old one) and get back to making smaller games and CARTOONS again!

After my move, I'll be putting together a Blockhead short for Hallowe...I mean, Ghostmas. Nothing big like before, but just a little reminder that I, and by extension Blockhead, am still alive!

The game I've been slaving over with JohnnyUtah from Newgrounds is finally at the beta stage. We're toying with the cutscene script and then we're ready to finish this thing forever. Then it's ON TO THE NEXT GAME, woooo.
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Posted by Swain on 28 Aug 2009
Hey there fellows, just updating you quickly on what's going on over here in Swain Land.

First, Ching is nearly done. Still. Other projects have had me elsewhere, namely one about a Shark with a Conscience. Not a Blockhead-style conscience, but the kind that makes you feel terrible after committing horrible acts. This game will hopefully be done in the next few weeks.

Commissioned work has kept me busy...WAY busy...but I aim to get back onto cartoons dangerously soon!
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