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New Animation Begins
Posted by Swain on 07 Apr 2008
Uh oh! Who do we have here?

If all goes well, there will be a new character around the site. Dear lord, just what I needed: MORE AND MOER AND MOAR IT DOESN'T STOP,
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On We Go
Posted by Swain on 18 Mar 2008
See, if the new Workshop were operational then I could just list my projects-to-be in there, but that's something for the future. And speaking of listing, I have a redesign of the Cartoons page coming up...those giant buttons seemed like an awesome idea at the time, and plus my Blockhead Anicomics need a home.

Anyway, I'll keep it short and catch you guys up with what I'm doing now:

-I animated a segment of Pass My Flash 2, a Newgrounds Collaboration Toon. My part comes at the end, so stay with it til then, eh?

-I am recording voices for Mastermind 3 today, with a few more guest appearances by other people from the Flash and Newgrounds scene who you might recognize...

-I am writing the script for Blockhead, Episode 11. I hope you like the Weevil, because he's once again the centerpiece for Blockhead's actions. It's also less Conscience-heavy, which I think is ok because he's gotten a lot of exposure in the last two episodes and I think he's getting a bit tired of cleaning up the mess.

On the side, Blockhead has a cameo role in ComiX Episode One and has quite a few references made to him in Riddle School 3. Go check those out if you find yourself with a bit of time, won't you?
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Mastermind: The Puzzle Game
Posted by Swain on 01 Mar 2008
It wasn't meant to be a huge thing, so here it is nevertheless, the second game to hit

Mastermind: The Puzzle Game

This one I did with Rodrigo from, and it's a crossover of my Mastermind character with the old board game of the same name. I think it came out kinda nifty...what do you think?

Feel free to go discuss the game in the Mastermind board in the forums. I'm sure some veterans of the classic "Mastermind" board game would love to share some tips on logic guessing.
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Valentine's Day Update
Posted by Swain on 14 Feb 2008
It's Valentine's Day today, for those who care. And because I love you so much, I have a couple of updates for you! <3

First, go watch Ani-comic #2. These little mini Blockhead doses aren't difficult to make, so if I get a good response then I might make Ani-comic updates more often. Oh, and remind me to make a page for them some time soon. I keep putting it off for other projects.

Then when you're done, have a look at the latest Racist Vampires webcomic. At least, I thought it was funny when I wrote it. Oh well, it's for the season.

I know, I'm just buttering you up for a lack of any better updates. I'm actually delighted though...all that work on the first Racist Vampires animation has trained me to draw the characters rather quickly and accurately. I used to stumble through the previous webcomics with extreme difficulty, but now I barely have to reference my concept work in order to be consistent.
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