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Posted by Swain on 01 Oct 2008
Shoulda been done sooner, BUT I AM NOW. I've finished my share of Mastermind: World Conqueror, and as soon as I've gotten my voices from a few UNDISCLOSED voice actor types, the game is gonna be set for upload. I had hoped to have it up by today, but hopefully there won't be many left til that happens <3

Thanks for being so patient, my friends. Tomorrow I begin working on Blockhead: Episode 11.

Mastermind overlooks Philadelphia. This is the last shot I have to do, from the intro scene.
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Almost There...Really!
Posted by Swain on 08 Sep 2008
I have moved on to cutscenes for Mastermind: World Conqueror, which is currently being bug-tested and seems to be faring well. The day really is almost here!

To keep you entertained, here are a few screenshots from testing the game today:

My minions fall by the dozens to a pack of Endgame Choppers.

Plotting a new mission while Dr.Mocha (not shown) executes his mission to blow up a North American city.

A bug in progress: Tanks are not supposed to attack you when you're in your Moon Base.

In one week's time I will update you guys on the game's progress. If all goes well, it will be DONE either then, or shortly after! I was beginning to think this day would never come.
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Blockhead Shirt + Forum Live!
Posted by Swain on 23 Aug 2008
As excited as I am about the forum update, there's nothing really new to report there except that it's not broken anymore...go log in if you've been feeling deprived, or register if you're a newbie to the site!

But the BIG news is that is finally selling Official Blockhead T-Shirts from their store! What was once a limited shirt available only at conventions is now open to everyone. They're super awesome high quality and I've worn the hell out of mine for great justice.

Remember the "Dont Do That, It's Stupid" desktop background? That's the design, and it looks awesome on a shirt. So go grab one and support a STARVING SWAIN actually I'm not that hungry, but it's a fine looking shirt.

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Updating Forum Software
Posted by Swain on 14 Aug 2008
So you just cool off until I can finish :D

In other news, I'm considering starting up a series of Mastermind cartoons that will be completed once a week for a month. Wouldn't that be great? FIVE WEEKS OF NEW MASTERMIND?! Now if only I could do the same thing for Blockhead...

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